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  About NTC:

In line with its policy to reorganize and de-regulate telecommunication sector in Pakistan, the Government decided to wind up Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation by 31-12-1995 and create PTCL and NTC as its successors. Both the entities were established on 1-1-96 under Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996. Unlike PTCL, NTC has a definite mandate to provide basic telecommunication services to its designated customers, which include Federal and Provincial Governments, their departments, autonomous organizations and defense services throughout the country.

NTC's mandate also includes selling its capacity on telecommunication systems to the designated customers and also the PTCL during exclusivity of PTCL, which is expiring on 31-12-2002. Effective from January 2003, NTC would be able to enter the de-regulated environments and compete with other market entrants in selling its state-of-art telecommunication systems.

According to an order issued under Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996, the Corporation was vested 72000 telephone lines and a countrywide network of microwave links. The microwave system provides transmission media for long-distance telecommunication and television transmissions. Initially, the telephones were provided at federal and provincial capitals, but now NTC network is being expanded to district and tehsil level and 50,000 telephone lines have so far been developed. Rest of the lines would be added to the network during the next financial year. Bulk capacity on microwave system has been leased by PTCL and remaining capacity has been provided to other designated customers. PTV airs its programs through countrywide microwave links of NTC. 
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